How the knowledge of English has improved my life


In this article I would like to share with you how the knowledge of English has improved my life.

First one is travelling. English is an essential part of travelling, most of the time we communicate with other people in this language. Personally, I got more confident when e.g. asking for help or ordering in a restaurant, because I know I can rely on my English.

Second, speaking English helped me with making friends from other countries. I am very curious about other cultures, so I like to talk to foreigners about their customs and habits.

Third is getting new information. In English, there is a bigger variety of resources than in Czech, e.g. books, articles, podcasts on topics I am interested in.

Next, I can share my knowledge of English with other people and help them to improve their lives in whatever way - e.g. to get a better job because they improved their English or to travel with ease.

Last but not least, I can easily understand songs, movies or series in English and this is a nice bonus for me.

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