How I am learning German


Today I would like to share with you how I am learning German. I was learning grammar at school, so I have a good base but I would like to broaden my vocabulary and to be able to communicate in German fluently.

The most important thing for me is listening. I listen to podcasts in German and watch Youtube videos created by native speakers. When I hear a word I don´t know and it is being repeated or it interests me I will look it up and write it down. I have created an Instagram account and I post there this vocabulary with an example sentence - that helps me to use this word in context.

Next is obviously speaking. I have a tandem partner - it is a person who I can practice my German with and who needs to practice their English. We speak the first thirty minutes in German and then thirty minutes in English.

Last thing is translation. I pick a German article - usually from a course book and I translate it into Czech, then I put the German text away and translate it back to German and then correct mistakes.

These are my current favourite methods. Everybody needs to try what works for them and what not. The most important thing is to have fun with learning foreign languages 😊

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